9 Best Digital Nomad Destinations in Costa Rica to Live In

Best Digital Nomad Destinations in Costa Rica

Imagine this is a regular Tuesday afternoon in the office. For many, traveling to scenic beaches, tropical forests, and even local hotspots is an exciting event. While many people choose to take semi-regular vacations during their time off from their job, digital nomads experience this luxury daily. While there are many different places one can […]

31 Digital Nomad Conferences and Retreats You Can’t Miss

Whether you’re just starting your digital nomad journey or have been living a location-independent lifestyle for years, spending some time at a conference or retreat can be a great way to recharge and reconnect with your fellow digital nomads.  There are countless digital nomad conferences and retreats designed specifically for digital nomads. Smaller digital nomad […]

31 Digital Nomad Problems While Working Remotely

Digital Nomad Problems

Thanks to current events many workers had the chance to work from home. Working at home lets employees spend more time with their families and less in traffic.  If you can work from home, then you can work from anywhere. Thanks to working at home going mainstream, many workers dream about working from anywhere. While […]

51 Top Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

Countries with digital nomad visas

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling around the world and experiencing life in far-flung places, then consider becoming a digital nomad. It’s easier than ever now that you can get a digital nomad visa in many nations. Below, read about the top 51 countries with digital nomad visas programs. What Is a Digital Nomad Visa? […]

Digital Nomad Definition [Work From Paradise]

digital nomad definition

You’ve probably been hearing “digital nomad” a little more lately. What is the digital nomad definition exactly? A digital nomad uses technology to earn a living and can work from anywhere in the world. Nomadic life has been around for a while, but the term digital nomad appeared in the early 1990s. The benefits of […]

What Kind of Visa Does a Digital Nomad Need To Work Abroad?

WOman looking over form about what kind of visa does a digital Nomad need when traveling abroad

Recent global events have shown that people can work from home and be even more productive than at the office. And if you can work from home, you can work anywhere there’s a decent internet connection, a Caribbean island, a coworking space in Europe, or anywhere else you can imagine. If you’re working remotely, you […]

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

Yong bearded man reading a computer about what is a digital nomad visa

One work concept that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic was that of the “digital nomad.” People are increasingly embracing that working style, which has spawned the “digital nomad visa.” What is a digital nomad visa, and what does it accomplish is a question many employers and employees have been wondering.  The following is a definition […]

Travel Visa vs Digital Nomad Visa: Which One Do You Need?

Travel visa vs digital nomad visa shown as a map of the world covered in just visas

Becoming a digital nomad is exciting and adventurous. However, it takes research, paperwork, and diligence to ensure you have permission to live and work in your destinations. You need the right kind of visa. Below, learn what digital nomad visas and tourist visas are, and then read a comparison of the two. Ultimately, whether you […]

Steps To Apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Italy

Young woman applying for a digital nomad visa in Italy and working on her laptop computer sitting at the table outside in a bar in front of the Colosseum in Rome

Many European countries and countries worldwide are creating new digital nomad visas that allow workers from other countries to work remotely from anywhere in the world. With this new movement, the a digital nomad visa in Italy is open for workers who want that nomadic lifestyle. A company still employs these workers outside of Italy, […]

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa: How To Apply, Benefits, & FAQs

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Approved Stamp Next to a Passport

Portugal started a new digital nomad visa program in October 2022, where remote workers can live and work in Portugal on a temporary residency permit. Many other countries worldwide have been implementing these visas, and Portugal is a popular destination for digital nomads, so it is only fitting that they implement their own. This article […]